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Maria Castillo Art – Printmaking and Tee Shirts

Born and raised in Venezuela, I grew up as part of a vibrant and joyful culture with strong family values, exuberant nature, rich history, language and religion. That culture and joy, notwithstanding the present political and social situation, inhabits my paintings.

Streams of color from a vibrant palette, contrasting hues and tones lend dimension to the space where color is king. The subject is the energy of life.

My brushstrokes  come alive and I can see nature from it’s tiniest bits and particles to the largeness of birth, cosmos, creation itself.

Every time I paint I discover the meaning of happiness through my paintings.

I hope you will too.

Kataplinarts – Printmaking and Tee Shirts

• Kataplin was born in Brooklyn, NY the winter of 2004, when Luciana Toyos Gambarino, artist & designer started sketching designs for kid’s t- shirts that years later will turn into a wide line of whimsical designs for everyone, over the years Kataplin has been recognized for its abiding creativity & playfulness.

• Recently moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the year of 2010 Kataplin finds its home for the next project : “recycling coop” with one goal; expanding, creating and producing a new line of recycled objects and one of a kind pieces, such as “the patch – work t- shirt &one of a kind pillows” among other products.

• Each one of these pieces are truly hand made by cutting and altering, multi-printing and threading, that inevitably gave birth to the fantastic and unique ‘seaweed’ scarf made from remnants of altered tee-shirts and so on and on !!!

• Because Kataplin it is design, re-design, creation, re-creation, recycling, reinventing and evolving.

• Kataplin is made with 100% love, 100% fun, and is 100% handmade in USA and Argentina, by people working together for social change. Although based and created in New York, Kataplin travels the globe in its mission to reach the hearts of children and people around the world. We believe above all that, in remaining true to originality and in working on small-scale basis, cooperatively & with fair trade, we allow the world to resist the influence of corporate mass culture, while sowing the seeds of love, creativity and sustainability.

• Kataplin means ART and WHIMSY and serendipity. Its roots come from a home-schooled attitude towards learning and teaching, one that adopts the school of LIFE as philosophy, which stems from the REALIZATION that, the convergence of branching paths in time will generate many more ideas and solutions. The colorful & vibrant winds from the South are its HEART. LOVE is its essence! No matter how big the production needs to be, it will always be made with love & care & unique-ness.

• Kataplin is made with HAND-CRAFTED ATTITUDE as its pulse, because we believe in empowering people by giving them means of expression; because we believe in an artistic process and inspiration from scratch; because we believe in the creation of each piece as a work-in-progress, ever evolving and inspired toward a better future. Because the final result, going through the growing pains of creation and re-creation, after rounds of brainstorming, sketching, and endless revisions; remains true to its purpose, which is to enrich every ones lives with practical, wearable whimsy and beauty.

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