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December 20, 2013

Dec 20th will be a very special
last of the year, superfantastic big event on the plaza:
Holiday Ba$$$h for meaningful gifts with art, super creative handmade designs, local local local crafters, sustainably minded inventors, vfashionistas, sculptors, local initiatives and music!

Dj Bill has the recipe to shake your bootie, Euro-trip hop to Americana holidaze

We will be dancing, celebrating, cutting last minute deals, enjoying the neighborhood’s charme, and fully resonate the holiday’s spirit!

The next installment with Creative Grove is the Winter Fest 2014 on January 31st.

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Friday December 6, 2013

The December JC Fridays market Dec 6 brings you DJ Pastiche with his Berlin sound collection of rare German underground labels,
Artists, designers, makers!
At 8 pm on real toilets on stage.

Poop chat offers a comedy show to make you digest every last fiber of humor.
“Talking sh*t with Meredith” will tickle your belly muscles!!
The artist market fundraiser on Indiegogo “keep creative grove spinning” needs you, the community

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