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Word On The Street: Creative Grove Artist & Designer Market

The HDSID caught up with Uta Brauser, creator of the weekly Friday open-air market series at the Grove Street PATH. Inspired by Union Square’s bustling year round market, which she describes as “a vibrant scene no matter what the weather is like”. She explains that Downtown Jersey City was in need of collaborative vending space in Downtown Jersey City to operate as “an independent, artist owned platform in a public space” and “should involve the social element of interaction, experiment and exchange.”

With this in mind, she developed Creative Grove, a “year round event…rooted in the NYC example of uninterrupted street life and culture”. Uta states that the “weekly regularity” of her events translates into “vitality [for the] local economy”.

Creative Grove also serves as a venue for local musicians and deejays because as she says. “There is no life without music. Every week you find different [music], bringing life to the Grove Street PATH plaza.”

Catch the Creative Grove Artist & Designer Market series every Friday from 3pm until 9pm.

We received our official Endorsement letter from City Hall and Jeremiah Healy!!

Creative Grove was recently featured in a guide to local art venues at:

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