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Friday Sept 19, 2014

Creative Playmusician and Creative Grove Sept 19, 2014
Big massive art and music bash for the
Last artist market in Jersey City by Creative Grove,
with PlayMusician Newport and a fantastic fusion lineup of the playmusician music experience:
Matty D, Joe Taylor, By Design, Living in Time Machines,
Mark Aaron James with PmJamband, GMJ Groove.

performances to be finalized, including the
Creative Grove JC funeral,

Art installations,
live art,
paint a car,

the eclectic Urban tribal market place, Creative Grove style!, food, lounge.
Art Bar, to sip on drinks right there in the middle

Stream of consciousness to be part of one last time in JC BEFORE WE CROSS THE RIVER..
Creative Grove with Playmusician are the instigators of a cultural scene, a life experience, a life style and a movement.
Our memorabilia for “Creative Grove Jersey City” are available with bags n Tees for men and women, at the event.

About Us

Creative Grove is a meeting place, market, art experiment and scene that involves the public, promotes art and culture, and builds community space as a forum for dialogue and exchange.  A destination and place to relax, play and express yourself.

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