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Fish with braids

The inspiration for Creative Grove market comes from our involvement in the Arts as well as the talent and resources that seem to come together in a synergistic way in a community.

Fish with Braids Gallery has looked for the wild growth of art talent on the urban landscape.  We seek and promote artists producing work that both exemplifies and transcends traditional categories of art such as as cartoon art, illustration, traditional art and political expression.

Fish with Braids Gallery was open in Jersey City from May 2008 until July 2013

Fish with Braids Mission Statement

In regards to the technical aspect of making and creating your work(artisan skills), I believe that we need to inform the public to reconnect them with how just about anything is made, what goes into it and how much labor is involved.

There are no more shops and studios where people can see how things are made.  We want to give this opportunity with continued presentations at the Creative Grove artist market.

As an artist I am very grateful to have learned the technical details and skills of various crafts over the years to be less limited in what to create or make. Every great artist in the past had to master skills first before going into the creation of their pieces. The skills are an inevitable foundation for good work.

Why Artist Markets and Galleries?

We need a space for gathering, celebrating, socializing, exchanging and marketing.

It has to carry the same function as blood: pulsating with rhythm, uninterrupted. Indeed this market will be the new life blood of the area. (Uta Brauser, 2008, Jersey City)

Our motto is “by artists for artists”. We are creating a destination for the like-minded, the curious, the experimental, the stylish and the aesthetically obsessed.

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